Benjo Energy has been supported by EIT Urban Mobility

Domain Expertise

Our project team with an experience of over 7,000 preset stations makes installation simple and cost-effective, whether you are looking for a complete turnkey solution or the possibility of your installation.

EV Chargers

Choosing the right hardware with smart characteristics in this case is only the first step. In addition, it is necessary, of course, to implement charging stations and manage them 24/7.

Cloud Platform

Our Cloud Platform allows you to quickly and easily manage your station "in the cloud", with easy updating and remote control. Smart charging is ready for the future.


Benjo - Powering the Future

We can deliver you full-blown solution, or you can pick our tailor made services:

Consultation with our team, free of charge
Wide spectar of regular (AC) and superfast (DC) chargers
Simple, eficcient and safe installation
Smart platform for seamless managing of your network

Safe and simple payment of charging service - Mobile Application and QR Code.

Integrate with the Benjo platform and implement charging for charging services in a simple way.
Safe and secure payment
Integration with main payment providers
Digital reports and invoices

Benjo Charge – Mobile App available for your users

Control your charger from the App

Sales, installation and implementation of EV Chargers for you and your customers

Become our partner if you want to improve your business or to be one step ahead of others by investing in innovative solutions.


EV Chargers deployment and their integration with power network.

Invest in new business while enhancing existing offer. EV Charging Network will attract wast majority of customers buy offering new services.
Do you want to enrich you current business offer?
You are part of high traffic route?
Do you alredy run EV network?
You want to invest in inovative solutions?
The growing presence of electric vehicles is reducing the impact of transport on environmental pollution.

It is predicted that in Europe in the coming years, every third vehicle will be eco-friendly.

You can find out more about our services below

01. Create Business Plan

Our expert team will help you create appropriate business plan - set rock solid base for your future, based solely on experience.

02. Deploy Chargers

Wide spectar of AC and DC chargers are available. Stable & Secure installation will guarantee your and customer satisfaction.

03. Profit & Scale

Using Smart Benjo platform profit and scale your business seamlesly. Observe your customers and easily bring data-driven decisions.

It is estimated that the prices of electric vehicles will fall and that in the future they will be equal to the prices of cars with classic engines.

Number of electric vehicles in the future

M +

Charging station on a global scale

M +

Number of EV countries in the world

Business growth of the EV industry


Frequently asked questions

Benjo Smart Platform offers semless integration with billing systems. Once the charging is done, service could be paid in different ways – RFID card, mobile app or bank card.

Benjo services are made for inovative business; for those who wants to expand their offer and make it more visible. Gas stations, garages and parking lots, car realers, transportation fleets, travel and business resorts, charger manufacturer – don’t be late, it is time to act.

Yes, absolutely. Number of electric vehicles is constantly growing – prediction is that by 2030 we will have more than 200 EVs. Whatsoever, major car manufacturer announced how they will stop producing gas&oil based cars.

One of the most important differences between AC and DC chargers is the time needed for EV to be fully charged. While charging time for AC charger is measured in hours, DC chargers offers enjoyable charging within matter of minutes.
Of course, depending on your and your customers needs, it is important to choose appropriate model and chargers power – don’t worry, our expert team will help you with that.

Yes, there are two standard connectors – Type1 and Type2. Good news is that Type2 became market standard and it is bringing brigth future to the EV charging.

The Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) is an open-source communication standard for EV charging point and any smart management platform. It helps us to seamlessly offer charging services all over the globe. Yes, Benjo Smart Platform is based on OCPP protocol.
EV Roaming is an easy way to offer your charging network globally. Drivers can use charging stations around the world with just one customer account – there is no need for additional apps nor cards.

 Benjo Smart Platform offers you simple and secure way for managing your charging network. Billing, transaction monitoring, interaction with users, rich statistics, configuration and diagnostic, roaming and much more. 

For more information about our offer, feel free to contact us and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

Benjo Energy has been supported by EIT Urban Mobility

Our company has been supported by EIT Urban Mobility, an initiative of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), a body of the European Union.
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Project is supported with the European union funds. The execution of the project is the sole responsibility of Benjo Energy LLC.