Smart charging is efficient,
revenue-based, scalable, fast and can be controlled remotely.​​

EV Charging Station Backend Software

Charger Monitoring

Monitor your charging network remotely. Set security boundaries, recovery procedures and many more.

Billing and Revenue

Charge your services fast and simple. Integrate your network with any payment provider you want.

Analytics & Roaming

Rich analytic will be your powerful tool in order to scale your offer, both locally and globally.

Benjo Platform is all-in-one solution for managing EV charging.

Billing, roaming, analytics, security boundaries, monitoring & diagnostic, auto-fault recovery algorithms and much more.

List of all Charging Points with their availability, heartbeat and connectors control signals. Charging price, power, reservatio system, smart charging – everything in one place. Track your network seamlesly and fully remote.

RFID cards provide fast and easy way of utilising and paying charging services. One card for the whole network. Create loyalty program and keep high the retention rate.

All system transactions available on one click. Charge your services, setup charging prices and award loyal customers. Track End-User activity and learn how to scale your services. Most importantly, plan your revenue based solely on real data.

Configure your network fully remote. Monitoring, diagnostic, auto-fault recovery, security boundaries - it is all regular featureset within Benjo Smart Platform.

Benjo Smart Platform has rich set of features

Monitoring & Configuration
Remote diagnostic
Real-time notifications
Billing & Revenue
User Management
EV Roaming
Price & Power Management
Security Boundaries
Rich Analytics
Firmware Update
Auto-fault recovery
Technical Support