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Benjo Energy - About Us

Benjo is all-in-one solution for installing and managing EV charging network. Installation & configuration, billing system & revenue, monitoring & diagnostic, analytics, roaming, auto-recovery - we will handle it for you.

Whether you are gas station owner, car dealer, transportation fleet, travel & business resorts or charger manufacturer, we have a smart and scalable solution for your business model.

Our business area and solutions

Charging stations for businesses and tourism
EV charging stations for public locations
Charging solutions for homes and apartments

State-of-the-art technology

We are proud to be inovators and to follow latest technology standards.

Our solutions are driven by stability, scalability, and last, but not the least, security. Both software and hardware are designed in order to provide best user experience. Customer happines is one of the top most priorities. We use open-source tools while patiently listen community needs. Working together we can create bright and modern future.

Domain Expertise

Our project team with an experience of over 7,000 preset stations makes installation simple and cost-effective, whether you are looking for a complete turnkey solution or the possibility of your installation.

EV Chargers

Choosing the right hardware with smart characteristics in this case is only the first step. In addition, it is necessary, of course, to implement charging stations and manage them 24/7.

Cloud Platform

Our Cloud Platform allows you to quickly and easily manage your station "in the cloud", with easy updating and remote control. Smart charging is ready for the future.

Benjo Energy

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable charging operators to run their network seamlessly and to focus on business needs. Integration, deployment, maintenance, scaling - leave it to us.